Monday, August 8, 2011

Journal jar :)

My wonderful friend Lena made me a journal jar when I was leaving for Alaska for the summer. She knew that I wouldn't know very many people and she also knew that I would have a lot of down time and because she knew of my love for writing she thought a journal jar would be just what I would need! If you haven't heard of a journal jar before its basically just a jar with a bunch of pieces of paper inside with questions on them and each day you can take out a piece or 2 or as many as you'd like and write down your answer to each question. I started doing it each day and I'd like to finish the jar by answering the questions here on my blog! Feel free to answer the questions for yourself as well on a comment, I'd love to hear them! :) Hope you enjoy!

Today I'm going to answer 4 questions!

1) What do you think of when you see the night sky filled with sparkling stars?

I love when this happens! I always think about God and how He created this world. That thought always gets me thinking about all of the other worlds and people that are out there and it gets my mind going crazy. It's so fun to think about these types of things and it usually ends being a spiritual experience for me. :)

2) Do you have a favorite general authority? Who and why?

My favorite general authority is Jeffrey R. Holland. He is always so sincere, tender and passionate in what he has to say. I can always feel his love for all of us members whenever he speaks and the way that he teaches has always touched me so much.

3) What is your favorite meal and dessert?

My favorite home-cooked meal would have to be my moms roast beef with gravy, mashed potatoes and rolls! :) And for dessert my moms strawberry shortcake. SO INCREDIBLE!

4) Describe Christmas traditions.

Christmas eve-eve: All of my siblings would always camp out under the tree together. Christmas eve: Spent with the Hampton side of the family and we all have a big dinner and then the little kids re-enact Christ's birth! Following that we all sit around and sing Christmas songs and have dessert!
Christmas Day: All of the kids get up early and wake up our parents then we open our stockings and presents in the order of youngest to oldest! Then my mom would make a big breakfast and we would all hang around all day and play with our toys, watch movies, or play games until Grandma & Grandpa Hampton would come over and visit then we would go over to the Miller side of the family and have a big dinner! :) I love Christmas time!!

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Melissa said...

Wait, what are/were you doing in Alaska? I wish I would have known sooner, I could have told you places to go...
You should definitely write about your adventures there!